Refine Your Relationships



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It takes two to tango. But when you try, it soon turns into a situation akin to having two left feet rather than tripping the light fantastic.

Whether it be with intimate partnerships or simply better work relationships, the area of interaction requires TLC to keep it from turning into an arena. Now where are those gladiators?

I’m having a sense of humour of course, but we could all use with a little more refinement in our relationship to welcome more grace and perhaps love into our lives.

So, here it is…The complete relationship package.

Session 1 – Know Yourself and Who You Are Relating To… This session covers the type of energy you have and the type you attract to yourself through an in-depth exploration of Self and Relationship factors in your horoscope through the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

Session 2 – Your Social Skills… Understand more deeply your karmic patterning around socializing and self-expression to more deeply understand how you attract the right situations

Session 3 – The Meet Up and the Long Term Partnership… What is your karmic patterning around getting into relationships and being able to keep them in your life long term

Session 4 – Mingling and Making it Better… This is a strategy session for the next several months on how to work to improve yourself in all of the previously discussed departments

Here’s your chance to refine your relationships.


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