Stellar Stability



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Want an Experience Prior to Committing? Try the Prosperity Path Consultation, then Upgrade if Desired.

Know the path to leverage Stellar Stability during uncertain times.

4 consultations designed to…

1. Illuminate your Prosperity Path,  the factors in your horoscope that you can work with in order to leverage greater potential for financial flow.

2. Help you to understand any patterning or conditioning in your horoscope that is blocking the flow of prosperity and your capacity to fulfill your needs. Through understanding these patterns, we can grow, improve and prosper.

3. Make clear to you any patterning or conditioning in your horoscope that keeps you from building the basis of stability. Through understanding these and working to improve, you become more solid.

4. Map out a strategy for you in terms of approaching the near future based upon the work you have done.

Together, let’s build Stellar Stability


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