About Michael

The focus of my work is in assisting my clients in discovering and living their true potential, thereby aligning their own soul’s rhythm in harmony with the Pulse of the Universe. 

To do so, I utilise the ancient art and science of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish. As a Counseling Astrologer with over twenty-five years of experience in the astrological field, I have shared my gift with hundreds of clients worldwide.

Among many of the distinguishing factors of my astrological work is the employment of the Nakshatras, or Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology.

In terms of the calculations I utilise, I prefer to work with the tropical zodiac using sidereal nakshatras and a special ayanamsa using the Galactic Centre as a reference point. Both the sidereal zodiac and tropical zodiac have the capacity to produce exceptionally accurate information and predictions. Neither is intrinsically right or wrong in my opinion. Ultimately, what sets a strong foundation for an accurate prediction is an astrologer’s faith in his techniques and the client’s faith in the astrologer. However, with the techniques that I use I have found the tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras to give more precision. The scientific foundation for using these calculations is further substantiated by information which appears in two Ancient Classic texts, the first is Surya Siddhanta which is the ancient astronomical text which is fundamental to Vedic Astrology and the other is Srimad Bhagavatam, one of the eighteen great puranas of Vedic Literature. But, my own scientific conclusion for using these techniques has come after testing both systems over hundreds of charts. If you have had a Vedic Consultation before with another astrologer who was not using this system, then some of the sign positions of your planets may change. As I pride myself on delivering the greatest accuracy that I can to my clients, I prefer to use this system.

Through my consultations, in addition to prediction I also foster a powerful journey of self-discovery for my clients, shedding light on gifts and  strengthening any weaknesses in order to transmute them into potential and power. Remedial recommendations are often made to bring my clients to a greater state of harmony. The key to the conscious use of astrology lies in self-acceptance through the understanding of unique karmic opportunities with which we may be faced at any given moment in time. With consciousness comes the gift of Truth, all you have to do is to unwrap the present.

To experience my work in action, why not avail yourself of one of my many Astrological Services?

“My sense from reading your essays on your site is that if any astrologers can be really honest, sincere and forthcoming, …. it would be you.”

D.S. Seoul, South Korea

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