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Here’s your chance to learn Vedic Astrology without overwhelm and without pressure!


It’s the Easy Astrology Society!


The Easy Astrology Society gives you the Step-by-Step Journey of the Basic Membership, plus access to all of the Intermediate Level Video Courses on my site. That’s 9 additional Courses and over 300 Hours of Course Time.


Here are the included Courses aside from the Beginners Courses also in the Society Dashboard:

  • Learn the Divisional Charts (44 Videos)
  • Esoteric and Therapeutic Secrets of the Nakshatras (27 Videos)
  • Excelling with Rahu and Ketu (50 videos)
  • Nodes through the Nakshatras(29 videos)
  • Rahu and Ketu: Interpreting and Predicting through the Nakshatras (44 videos)
  • Concrete Prediction with Vimshottari Dasa (17 Videos)
  • Jaimini Level 1 (44 Videos)
  • Rectifying Birth Time (30 Videos)
  • Medical Astrology I (15 Videos)


We give you space… and time… to grow your Astrological knowledge as deeply as you would like to!


The sky… and the stars… are the limit! And as we know, the heavens are limitless.


Here are the perks of your Plus Membership:

– All My Previous Intermediate Level Video Courses (9 Courses and Over 300 Hours)
– Stage by Stage Learning Journey from Beginner Onwards
– Ask Me Anything Sessions Every Two Weeks
– Facebook and Discord Groups
– Regular Fresh Learning Material
– Copies of Your Main Birth Chart (Other Materials Available at Small Fee)
– Private Tutorials Every 4 Months
– Special Guest Speakers Monthly or A Masterclass with Me
– Course Certifications upon Completion

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Astrology should be approached in a way that empowers you as a Conscious Co-Creator of your own life experience!