Rahu and Ketu: Navigating the Nodes through the Nakshatras



Rahu and Ketu are the main Karmic Factors in the Horoscope! Understanding the importance of the Nakshatras in which they are placed and how the periods of Rahu and Ketu are likely to play out is vital to the understanding of any astrologer! And of course, vital to their client! This course not only teaches you an in-depth understanding of the Nakshatras in which the nodes are placed, but also how to predict their periods effectively using many example horoscopes!

Some of the topics of this course are listed below.

  • Working with Rasis, Houses and Nakshatras to Interpret the Evolutionary Path of Rahu and Ketu through all of the Nakshatra Pairings using numerous examples
  • Concrete Predictive Techniques for Working with the Dasa Period of the Nodes
  • How Nodes Produce the Agenda of the Planet they Conjunct in the Rasi Chart in all the other Vargas
  • How Rahu Separates from Specific Factors
  • How the Individual Seeks Security from the Areas Ketu influences in the Horoscope
  • House Agendas that Rahu and Ketu will Likely Produce and how they Create that Agenda
  • Plus More


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