Medical Astrology 2 Live Webinar Course


Health is Wealth! A prosperous life has as its cornerstone the health of the body! Without a healthy body, the path that we each walk cannot be bolstered by a strong support. Hence success of that path, including emotional security and mental well-being, are diminished! The body is a temple through which the Divine within each of us is able to do its work! And it is important to our evolution that we keep that temple sacred!

This is Module 2 of a several module course. Purchase allows you to participate in weekly live webinar classes and have access to the recordings of each. Module 1 is available as a video course for Purchase Here.

Classes will be held over Zoom at 4:30 pm London Time on Sundays starting 9th January. There will be 15 classes on Module 2.

Upon purchase, I will send you a link to join in on the weekly classes within 24 hours.



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