Excelling with Rahu and Ketu (Certification)


Rahu and Ketu Dasa periods are often the most tumultuous and confusing times of life. Most of the clients who have scheduled in with me over the decades of my practice have done so when experiencing a Rahu or Ketu Dasa.

These dasa periods are the most difficult times for an astrologer to interpret correctly. But, there are many different techniques which can aid the astrologer in doing so. This course on the nodes is intended to help astrologers, whether professional or hobbyists, in excelling with Rahu and Ketu.

This course was taught from Spring 2017 to early Summer 2018. Each class is approximately 60-90 minutes in length. The course is 50 classes long.

Some of the information and techniques to be covered on the course are as follows:

  • Understanding the Nodes Astronomically
  • The Mythology and Symbolism of the Nodes
  • The Several Methods in which the Nodes are Calculated
  • An Introduction to the Lajjitaadi Avasthas (A Course within a Course!)
  • Understanding the Nodes in the Rasis (Signs)
  • Rahu and Ketu through the Bhavas (Houses)
  • The Importance of When the Nodes Mature
  • The Influence of the Planets upon the Nodes
  • Predicting Rahu and Ketu’s Dasas
  • Karmic Analysis using the Shastiamsa (D60)
  • Karmic Analysis using the Dvadasamsa (D12)
  • Karmic Analysis in the Rasi Chart (D1)
  • Plus More!


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