Determine Your Destiny 1&2


Would you like to learn your own Karmic Story?

Even better, would you like for the pages of your story to reveal themselves to you a layer at a time so that you can more deeply get drawn in?

And of course, how would you like to add a few extra chapters by learning how to work with the plot, alter it and give it more meaning?

The Nodes, Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node), are the Karmic Points in the horoscope and explain a lot about your life, your habits and the decisions you have made.

Sometimes we need to come to terms with our decisions and see how a mistake…really wasn’t a mistake and forgive ourselves for our actions.

Sometimes we need to re-write our story so we don’t repeat patterns that no longer serve us.

Knowing the Nodes in your horoscope helps you to Determine Your Destiny!




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