Mars in Ashlesha
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Power and Passion – Mars in Ashlesha until June 19th, 2023

Mars in Ashlesha – Powerful and passionate changes are taking place as you are on the cusp of trying to set up a more inspiring and fulfilling way forward for the months ahead. But as you identify the things in which you hope to find the greatest level of fulfillment, you are likely finding that although they may seem materially enriching in thought form, they do not touch your Soul in actuality. They cannot fill the empty spaces being created by something or someone leaving your life. Don’t be tempted by what you think you want to the extent that you forsake what you know to be right! Don’t hurry along the process, but instead let it take that time that it needs. You are experiencing a powerful shedding of skin. Better times are on the way. But, you need to set a strong spiritual foundation for the changes that approach so that true and lasting fulfillment can be found.

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