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Through teaching the Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology in a Live Webinar Course environment over the years, I always used to find that students would begin to thin out in terms of attending class and felt concerned.

So, I set out to discover why this was happening and soon found out several reasons.

The main one being that many also set out to research the Universe of Vedic Astrology on their own through YouTube videos, etc and saw the rich abundance of techniques and became concerned that it would take them lifetimes to learn.

Additionally for many, the fact that Vedic Astrology also comes from India and contains many terms that are in Sanskrit made them feel that not only did they have to learn Astrology, but also had to learn a new language.

So, I decided I wanted to create a way to make learning Astrology much easier. So, I created Easy Astrology Society, which contains a Stage-by-Stage Learning Journey for beginners, to make the experience of learning Astrology easier. 

But I also did not want to make more advanced students feel there was no venue for them to be able to become more deeply acquainted with the more advanced techniques of Vedic Astrology. So, I also added some of my more Intermediate and Advanced Courses.

Most of the Courses here are marked in terms of complexity as I continue to develop this Online Learning Universe. There will soon be Learning Tracks added…

For instance, some may wish to learn Astrology from a Therapeutic perspective, some from a Predictive perspective. So there will be several different tracks developed with Certification added soon afterwards.

In addition to everything that comes with the membership as explained below, there is also a built-in Social Media platform on the site for student interaction as well as for you to ask me questions.

I hope you join us on this learning journey.

Here's what's included with your membership!

Evolutionary Learning Process

The Beginner Part of your learning journey is mapped out for you in progressive stages so that you can learn Vedic Astrology in a simple manner and at the pace you desire

Question and Answer

Every two weeks, we will get together over Zoom so that I can answer any questions that might have come up for you in your learning experience.

Online Forum

There is a built in Social Media Platform on the site, the Galactic Lounge, for you to post any questions as they surface between Ask Me Anything Sessions

New Classes

There will be new classes added periodically! With Vedic Astrology, there is always deeper that you can go. So, I will be consistently adding new material

Copies of Your Charts

You will be provided with copies of your own charts in order to aid and assist in your learning experience. Monthly members receive a copy of their main birth chart with other charts available at a small admin fee.

Private Tutorials

Annual members get a Free Private Tutorial with me every 4 months.

Plus...Monthly Special Guest Appearances and Masterclasses!

Here is what I heard from beginners...

1. ‘When I see all the techniques that you use, I ask myself how I am ever going to learn all of this! So, I give up!’

Ummmm… Astrology is not fast food!

Plus, have you ever found yourself with a virtual smorgasbord of food in front of you? Did you think you had to eat it all?

Of course not, you ate at your own pace and ate what you wanted.

It may comfort you to know that most astrologers are lifelong learners of Astrology! With the Vedic System, there is always deeper you can go!

That’s what makes it excellent for those who have a thirst for knowledge!

2. ‘All those Sanskrit words overwhelm me because immediately a learning block surfaces for me when I hear them!’

Vedic Astrology does come from India. But grasping the language that we use is really simple if you have the English alongside the Sanskrit so that you grasp the concept.

In this manner, you can become slowly acclimated to the terminology and fall in love with the rich cultural stories that accompany the Vedic System of Astrology which enable us to learn more deeply how astrology works.

And last but certainly not least…

3. ‘When I saw how fast the other students were developing, I felt stupid. So, I dropped the class.’

In my world, you learn at your own pace. I am here for you to aid your learning experience. Plus the goal is to grow a community where students can also help each other!

Who Am I and What Makes Me So Certain You Can Learn This?

Easy Astrology Society

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer!

Others in my field have called me ‘The Nakshatra God’ and the ‘Thinking Man’s Astrologer’.

But I like to think of myself as that guy with the webcam who shares astrology with you through my YouTube Videos and my regular Astrological Posts and who is passionately obsessed about his work.

I have 25+ years of experience in the field of Astrology during which I have consulted with over a thousand clients internationally and taught hundreds of students globally as well, including many professional astrologers!

Easy Astrology Society

$ 39 Monthly
  • All Video Courses I Have Taught in the Past (9 Courses and Over 300 Hours)
  • Ranging in Difficulty from Beginner to Advanced
  • Stage by Stage Learning Journey with Beginner's Courses
  • Ask Me Anything Sessions Every Two Weeks
  • Regular Fresh Learning Material
  • Copies of All Birth Charts Upon Request
  • Annual Members Only - Private Tutorials Every Four Months
  • Monthly Masterclasses or Guest Speakers

This isn’t just a course or a class, it’s a community.

And just as community can grow, so too will the Easy Astrology Society!

New Courses will be added to the community as it grows and evolves!

We start with the basics, but give you space… and time… to grow your Astrological knowledge as deeply as you would like to!

The sky… and the stars… are the limit! And as we know, the heavens are limitless.

But we start our journey simply…at the beginning… ready?