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Pluto, Dwarf Planet?

authenticsignIt is quite comical, if you ask me, that a group of astronomers decided to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf planet. This reclassification coincided with Pluto making its power, from an astrological perspective, much more strongly felt on the world scale with its movement into the sign of Capricorn. If one looks at the events of the last year or so, one can clearly see that this “dwarf” planet has astrologically been connected with many intense shifts related to power and authority on the global scale.

Initiating the astrology of the week is Pluto’s return to direct motion at 5:57 pm GMT on the 11th September. Just as last week we discussed the energy associated with retrograde planets with Mercury’s shift to retrograde motion in Virgo, it would be helpful to discuss here the concept of direct motion.

In last week’s article, it was mentioned that when a planet is in retrograde motion, it creates the illusion of moving backwards in the night sky when observed over time from our perspective here on Earth. When a planet is direct, it appears to once again move in forward motion.

When a planet is direct, we notice its influence becoming much more externalised, in contrast to internalised when it is in retrograde motion.

Pluto moves very slowly through a sign when it occupies it. As the planet associated with transformation, it brings massive change, so the time of its motion through each zodiac sign is well warranted from a psychological perspective. It is also the planet associated with power, things that are secretive and hidden, and the mysterious. In ancient mythology, Pluto was the Lord of the Underworld.

Pluto spends approximately six months of the year in retrograde motion, and the other six in direct motion. When it is in retrograde motion, we undergo powerful internal transformation in the section of our chart that it occupies. When it returns direct, an opportunity is presented to create change in our lives based upon the wisdom that we have hopefully integrated during the previous six months.

A planet is most powerful in the moments that it changes its direction. This is referred to as the planet stationing. The effect created is as if the planet were in complete stillness, making its influence very strongly felt. But, this is an exceptionally strong Pluto station. It occurs a week after Mercury moving retrograde, and a few days prior to the second Saturn – Uranus opposition of 2009, and a week ahead of a New Moon in the sign of Virgo that will be part of a quadruple conjunction in the sign of Virgo between Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and retrograde Mercury. This will be our topic of discussion for next week’s astrological article.

As always with astrological aspects, Pluto’s station direct, along with the Saturn Uranus opposition will effect each of us in a different manner, dependent upon the section of our chart which these planets are transiting. But, if you are looking to get the most meaning out of this week’s astrology, here are some key factors that you can take a look at.

If you were to ask yourself what you have learned in the last six months, since about the first week of April when Pluto stationed retrograde, what would it be? How have you changed? What challenging experiences brought you a difficult but very profound lesson? Pluto, although a planet associated with the secretive and mysterious, requires of us the deepest honesty. So, in answering these questions, be true to yourself.

This week’s Saturn – Uranus opposition, on the personal scale, seems to create a split between focusing on the detailed and more practical side of our lives, and having faith that what is meant to be most conducive to our destiny will come to pass. This duality that is experienced need not be divisive, and the trick is to find a space where these two energies can find common ground. This is where Mercury’s retrograde motion in Libra can be most helpful. It helps us to tune into our intuition, through reflection, and find a balance between taking the steps that our awareness senses would be most beneficial, whilst always allowing for the unknown factor within life by having faith.

On the global level, energies that attempt to control by strengthening their hold will likely find that much slips through their fingers as divine justice steps in.

It is sure to be a powerful week, and you can harmonise yourself with the energies present by bringing your awareness to focus on the shifts occurring both within and without.

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