Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra

Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra can be a troubled placement for Jupiter. The planet that governs our creative intelligence, the capacity to problem solve and get it right has to cope with Rahu’s tendency to obscure. Therefore a lot of whether this placement will bring more challenging results than good is dependent upon the well being of the planet that rules the sign in which Rahu is placed. Rahu has no dignity of its own and is reliant on the planets that rule it in all the different divisional charts as well as the planets that aspect it to determine its influence. Jupiter in the 4th Pada however gives a degree of surrender and recognition that the individual is not in control. Ardra brings laser-like focus, but often mixed with the tendency to miss the bigger picture due to the details. With Jupiter here, the capacity to focus on earning can potentially bring hardship to one’s children. One can have great book learning from a University, but lack the common sense with which to apply it. With Jupiter in the 4th pada, as mentioned before, one can have the capacity to get a good spiritual teacher and approach the path with great devotion and surrender. But if the lord of Rahu is poorly placed, they may be prone to following teachers who mislead them. In this video, I talk about the ins, outs, ups and downs of Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra!


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  1. Yeah! I agree on this. This is very micro observation for jupitar with respect to a nakshatra. All it depends upon how Rahu is placed in natal birth chart and the planets which are in conjunction with Rahu in this case.