Why Are You Here? – Purva Phalguni New Moon 6th-7th September, 2021

Purva Phalguni New Moon – It’s obvious that you would rather not be in a position of having to engage with the process you are involved in! Equally, you are likely disenchanted with the person or people you are having to interact with! As you reflect back, you likely are wondering how you got into this position! Why did you agree to go about things this way! What was once shiny and offered potential now seems dull and annoying! But, going forward, there can be a clear path to stability! Although you may not want to do what you are needing to do and being in this situation makes it hard for you to summon the enthusiasm to do it in the first place, trying to cooperate will give you the extra boost you need! …But, you don’t have to like it!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Mars
Tithi: New Moon Amavasya
Karana: Naaga
Yoga: Subha

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Purva Phalguni New Moon

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