Whoaaa! – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Uttara Ashadha

You are not sure what to believe! Are you being stubborn and stupid? Are you persisting with too much zeal and a know-it-all attitude when perhaps a bit more restraint would be beneficial? Or should you apply yourself more passionately to the task at hand in order to seize a breakthrough? Should you assert yourself over and above those with contradicting perspectives about how best needs can be taken care of? Or should you perhaps lend an open ear, even if it won’t change your outlook in the slightest? A bit of compassion goes a long way! An ounce of restraint allows for tonne of strategy to be developed and structured growth allows for greater endurance in the long run! Be willing to see things with open eyes as well as an open heart! That will help you to make the wisest choices!





Although these two planets do not conjunct precisely in Uttara Ashadha, it is a powerful alignment nonetheless! Find out what the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction means for you personally! Schedule an Astrological Consultation Today!

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