Wandering? - Venus in Mrigasira 5th-16th July, 2022
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Wandering? – Venus in Mrigasira 5th-16th July, 2022

Venus in Mrigasira – Sometimes, we don’t know what will make us happy! We just know that we are not satisfied with what we have! Often, we don’t know which approach is the best to take, we just know that we need to seek answers! It’s time to explore your dissatisfaction, to be okay with ‘wandering’ as it were. Truth be known, you aren’t wandering, you are seeking! Things have been a bit tense lately and it has prompted some soul-searching on your part! And although life could in fact be much worse, it can definitely also be a lot better. A certain level of imperfection has to be accepted! But that very same sense of elusive fulfillment is prompting you to seek some answers. You don’t need to get it right immediately. You simply need to explore your options and re-strategise!

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Venus in Mrigasira

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