Vishakha 5th January, 2016 – Shift to Soul

At what point does dharma become dogma? You are wishing to do the right thing and are conscious of trying not to make errors along the way. So, when the resistance sets in, your initial impulse is about the furthest thing from going with the flow as possible. Instead, you are more likely to dig your heels in than you are to adjust to the changes. The path of righteousness has many twists and turns. What is right for the soul in one moment may not be in the next. Whilst there are certain core values you might need to adhere to, is there not also somewhere that you are blocking growth due to a particular perspective or belief? If the foundation of your beliefs is ready to evolve to the next level, is it not time to allow it? You are being offered a tremendous opportunity at the moment, if you will but open your eyes to it. The growth that it brings is sure to shift your life for the better. But first, you have to let it!


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