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Venus Conjunct Uranus February, 2012 – The Voice of Thunder and the Brilliance of Lightning

Voice of Thunder

There is a time and place for all things. Something which may be unthinkable in one moment seems desirable the next. The Universe, as a matter of course, does not deal in blanket policies and generalisations. This world is not a simple matter of black and white, it is filled with deep rich hues, shades and colours for which we quite often have no name. But where we don’t, what’s the problem with developing one? The only issue is one of perception.

Commonality is shared on many levels amongst the masses. But, there is always one seemingly outside the fold who sees things from a different perspective. And there are many matters, the subject of which there is great polarity over, with numbers on each side relatively equal. We quite often even go to war over values and philosophies. Every action and thought creates a ripple in Time and Space. Something seemingly small one moment is gargantuan the next. And quite often the converse is true, where something we fear or dread in one instant seems insignificant the next. We could simply move with the Ebb and Flow of the Cosmic Tides if it were not for the occurrence of the occasional Tsunami that sweeps along to impassion and cloud  judgement. But, in essence, these Stormy Emotional Seas are all part of the Great Plan of the Cosmic Ocean.

On 10th February, Venus and Uranus, both in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada form a conjunction in the sign of Aries. Sometimes actions which may seem intensely passionate are actually just what the Great Universal Doctor is calling for as the appropriate medicine for clearing Global Illness. Whilst at times the panacea can be imbibed in small measures, at others a whopping great elephant-sized dose is needed. Transformation is long overdue, and a shift in values precedes progress.

Two other aspects also transpire on the same day, adding fuel to the fire. The Sun forms an angle of irritation with retrograde Mars and Mercury forms a sharp aspect with Pluto.

The Sun in Aquarius, the sign of the Collective, is transiting the early portion of the Lunar Mansion of Dhanishtha. The need for like-minded souls to organise resources and effort is great. The Status Quo is becoming increasingly tyrannical. And simply sitting by, tuning in to the television and numbing out will only bring further oppressive stagnation. If change is desired, it can eventually be had.  Mars in Virgo and the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Phalguni suggests that those who favour Social Justice stop nitpicking over seeming differences and instead focus upon shared values by allowing ennervation to spark innovative action.

Mercury, transiting Aquarius and Dhanishtha and forming a tense aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and Purva Ashadha reminds us that those in power do not act with the consideration of the people. Their actions do not reflect the vox populis. We only feed into the continuance of oppression by not putting minor differences aside and dealing with the problem at hand.  We can learn from diversity rather than allowing it to be a hindrance.

Where protesting injustice with slogans and sit-ins once seemed the right path, something greater is now being called for. The change that is needed requires a greater force behind it. It’s voice must be crystal clear and spoken with strong enough projection that it cannot be mistaken. Actions must be guided by love, certainly. But, love takes many shapes and forms. The way of the past is not the New Way. A storm is sometimes necessary to clear away debris and fertilise the Seeds of Change.

Fear not the Thunder and Lightning, for they are your allies, not your enemy.

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