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Venus Conjunct Pluto November 2013

When you walk along a busy street, and you take note of a passer-by, do you automatically make an inner judgement about the type of person they are just from their clothing, their walk, the way they project their whole energy upon the ‘outside world’ in public? Well, for sure we can no doubt gauge a great deal of truth from that ‘inner judgement’ of ours. But, one thing is also for sure; that, we can never know the ‘whole truth’ of the entirety of what has made that person into who they are today.

What we feel ‘inside’; that inner self-reflection of all that is currently taking place on the stage of our personal lives, tends often to manifest itself in how we project ourselves outwardly. We can also, of course, make a conscious effort to put up ‘a front’ in our dealings with others – in other words, we attempt to fool those with whom we come into contact in the outside world, in order to deflect unwonted attention from the truth of our inner turbulence.

Now is a good time for some profound inner healing. Take some time to reflect upon where discrepencies exist between what you are feeling inside, and your outer projections. Remind yourself that nobody else knows your own individual life-path; its twists and turns, its challenges; your intents and outcomes. Therefore, nobody is, in truth, able to make a fully-informed and truthful judgement about you, and your life. Simply because you may feel ‘bad’ about yourself at any moment in Time, does not mean that others who pass you by are judging you in the same manner that you are judging yourself. And, of course, nor should they!

Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. Look angry, aggressive, defensive, and unfriendly – and, well, I think we all know that others will not then respond in a particularly favourable manner towards us. Whatever life may be presenting to us on our unique path, it helps to smile.

Plutonian Chronicles
Plutonian Chronicles

Forgive yourself for the things that haven’t turned out quite how you intended for them to; even if others don’t. You know your own heart. If your intent was pure, you did your best. Life just got in the way. If your intent, upon reflection, was perhaps less than what you may deem to be pure from your heart, well, learn from it if you so choose. Make a different choice in the future, with that new awareness.

You now have a magnificent opportunity to make things better; both within, and without. To change the structure of your life into something more in keeping with ‘your truth’. Take a look at those ‘misalignments’ in your life. Then, take some action to create some positive structural changes. Take chances upon what may seem to be rather radical concepts which come to the surface of your awareness; but, which seem to also hold intriguing glimmers of brightness and hope for the emergence of your more aligned ‘truth’.

In the words of the old song; ‘walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye ….’. Smile. You’re worth it.

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Our Truth speaks for itself. Let it shine. It will radically change your life. Then, all will be well. PC

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