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Vedic Lunar Scopes: Moon in Hasta 17th June, 2013 – Carry Forward

Michael Reed
Michael Reed

Don’t lose sight of the dream. Although the scope of your vision may necessarily need to alter, it will likely only do so in order to broaden rather than narrow. You are not being limited unnecessarily at present. Rather, you are in a state of preparation for something larger than you may currently sense. All that is falling aside at present is nothing that you need to carry forward.

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  1. ~ … it is so very important to not lose sight of our dreams … even when it seems that they are merely of the ‘pipe’ type … ~ because, if we can imagine something as ‘real’ ~ then it surely can become so ~ it is just a matter of ‘time’ … ~ so, thank you for reminding us of this energy prevailing at this point in ‘time … ~ we are simply ’tilling the ground’ for the future ‘time’ to come ~ so that the harvest is all the sweeter … ~ HMx

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