Vedic Lunar Scope VIdeo - Purva Bhadrapada 17th December, 2015

Vedic Lunar Scope Video – Purva Bhadrapada 17th December, 2015

Are you feeling frustrated with the results you are getting? Or should I say the results that you are not getting? One of the best things that you can do for yourself today is to not let it get the better of you. A lot of effort is being put forth! And there is some movement, only not to the level you were hoping for. Because your actions are yielding something, you become tempted to seize control of the situation when you would be best suited by taking a step back from it for perspective before proceeding. You are fighting an uphill battle! And the more you get worked up, the further up that hill you will have to climb. But the sooner you accept that a little progress is better than none at all, the greater your chances will become at attaining higher levels of success!


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