Vedic Lunar Scope Video -Mrigasira 9th August, 2015

Vedic Lunar Scope Video - Mrigasira 9th August, 2015

Perhaps you are dissatisfied with the current course of events? You long for a change so deeply that you can almost taste it? You think you sense what direction you now need to head in. But please practice awareness as to what your underlying intent may be. Should it be pure and spiritually aligned, then desire stands a greater chance of reaching its fulfilment. If aligned with a selfish impulse then you could be heading towards an ever deepening cycle of growth and decay. There is potential for success today. But there is also a danger that your feelings about a particular outcome could draw you in so deeply that you are unable to see lucidly. The objective now must be crystal clear to you. See it with clarity and free of the interference of frustration. In this manner you will reach the goal.


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