Vedic Lunar Scope Video - Magha 29th December, 2015

Vedic Lunar Scope Video – Magha 29th December, 2015

Sometimes you can be so busy searching for answers that you miss the fact that there is one right under your nose. You may think you are trying to cooperate with the curve balls that the Universe seems bent on throwing your way. But the driving force behind the options you are choosing to explore masks a selfish intent. Look first to that. Try not to get so caught up in the process that you miss the tangible help that is on offer to you. Would you congratulate yourself for receiving a kick in the pants? Most certainly not! So why pat yourself on the back for making what you think to be wise decisions which ultimately backfire? Be open to guidance and it shall come to you. Accept that you don’t know, and you soon shall know it!


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