Vedic Lunar Scope Video – Bharani 6th August, 2015

Vedic Lunar Scope Video - Bharani 6th August, 2015

You now understand that to fully pursue one course of action requires letting go of another. But this is easier understood than it is embraced. You are not sure if you can fully trust the new path you are being guided towards. But equally, you should know that you cannot continue with what was. But, you are torn between the two. The moment you allow yourself to get more deeply embroiled in this conflict is the moment that you will become ensnared by the web of illusion. You cannot now walk two paths simultaneously. And although you may not have a high enough level of trust to feel comfortable with committing your energy in a specific direction, this is exactly what you need to do. Know that in choosing to move forward, you are doing the right thing.


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