Vedic Lunar Scope VIdeo - Bharani 21st December, 2015

Vedic Lunar Scope Video – Bharani 21st December, 2015

It’s likely been a bit of a humbling experience for you over the course of the last few days. But a transformation is finally taking place! A plan is being refined! You have taken a long look at yourself and you recognise that there are certain areas where in order to create a result, you are going to need to be prudent enough to exercise discipline and restraint. You are heading in the right direction. But the goal you seek is not going to happen immediately. In the meantime, don’t become so stuck on practicality that you miss an opportunity that may be right in front of you! Equally, don’t become too eager to pat yourself on the back to the extent that your hands become busy rather than open and receptive. Keep pride in check and all will go well!


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