Vedic Lunar Scope: Uttara Bhadrapada 15th May, 2012 – Toppling the Wall of Dilemma

Authentic Man

A temper raging out of control can only create harm. But, anger and frustration that is controlled and directed towards creating a shift can be the impetus for a breakthrough. The emotions that are felt belong to the owner. So, they alone must accept responsibility for them. Unleashing them in a fit is almost certainly a cry for attention. But, harnessing emotions of a negative nature can transmute them to a positive force through using them as the motivating factor for growth. Then the desire for attention for our dilemma is a moot point. You haven’t got a problem, you have a sledgehammer with which to topple the wall obstructing your growth. Use it wisely, and break through. What do you get when you combine a harsh aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, a Grand Earth Trine and a Solar Eclipse? An opportunity and a paradigm shift. The current Astrological Climate is intensifying. If you wish to understand the full impact of these Celestial Energies upon your Complete Personal Astrology, I suggest having a Telephone Consultation.

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