Vedic Lunar Scope: Revati 16th May, 2012 – Diving In

Authentic Man

We can never fully know the outcome of our decisions until we take that one brave step of diving in. It is the hesitation that actually prolongs the sense of dread and builds upon trepidation. It is certain that a choice needs to be made. Yet, we are afraid of making a mistake or of repeating a past pattern, thereby regressing back into a phase of our life that we would much rather be free of. The exact same situation never fully occurs twice. There are always slight variables in the equation. As long as you have learned, you will do the right thing. Overcome the urge to prevaricate and act whole-heartedly. Conquering fear is half of the battle. As the Grand Earth Trine now completes, we approach a sharp alignment between Jupiter and Pluto. The urge to shift builds but a hindrance seems to stall progress. Perspective can help to clear the fog and can be found through having a Telephone Consultation.

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