Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Ashadha 27th August, 2012 – A Twist and a Turn

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Occasionally, we are faced with a difficult tableaux. We start down a specific path, believing that we are guided to do so by our connection to Universal Wisdom. Then the road we are on takes a rapid shift. The destination has changed. Ultimately, if we think of ourselves as being along for the ride, such a change will not be disconcerting. But if we see ourselves to be in the driver’s seat, then we will likely not feel quite so happy about the abrupt turn. Understand that there is a reason for every dip and each ascent. We are now offering a FREE month’s subscription to our Authentic Subscriber Service, when you avail yourself of a therapeutic and enlightening 1 Hour Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. Our Monthly Subscriber Service comprises a 15 Minute Personal Audio Report provided every week based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, NOT just your Sun Sign, with the initial report provided within 48 hours of your Subscription; plus, a twice yearly 50% discount on our 1 Hour Telephone Consultation price. For more information, please Click Here. Together, we are stronger.

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