Vedic Lunar Scope: Mula 17th February, 2012 – All Things Must Pass

Authentic Man

There is virtue in our suffering. The pain and difficulty we endure can also benefit us. Although we may behave foolishly, if we then recognise and acknowledge it, then in Innocence we can find Wisdom. All within this realm is transitory. Financial affluence, poverty, success and failure all wane and wax like the Moon. To try to cling to Materialism is futile. There is no security in it. As a species we are facing hardship that has been increasing in intensity due to our inability to seek a New Way. The Universe is kinder to us than we imagine. But, if we wish to be hard on ourselves through our Ignorance then we deny its Gift. Awaken to the change that is on offer to you. Through accepting responsibility comes Strength.

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