Vedic Lunar Scope: Jyeshtha 16th February, 2012 – Bridging the Perilous Chasm

Authentic Man

When we are not true to ourselves, a split personality is created. At the core of our being, we are one way. Yet on another level, the Ego, split from the Soul, tries to convince us that we are exactly the opposite. Self-destructive behavioural patterns arise and become ingrained over time. We embroil ourselves in a state of duality so deep that nothing less than a cataclysmic event can awaken us from our delusion. And all because we chose not to listen to the voice of the Soul in its Wisdom. We can only suffer from living a lie. The time for authenticity is long overdue.

Astrology, used consciously, heals the disease of separation from the Soul. My Personal Audio Reports foster this process. Available in four formats: the Weekly Personal Report, 3 Questions Report, Personality Profile and 6 Month Transit Report, they are presented as an MP3 file. For more information, please click here.

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