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Uneasy Faith – Moon in Revati 21st June, 2022

Happy Solstice!

Moon in Revati – You wait, not because you desire to! Instead, you wait because you know you have to. But, it is an uneasy wait. You see a way in which it could be a lot easier. But, all of the decision-making power does not lie in your hands. So, you wait! And whilst you do, you go from trusting that all is developing as it must to feeling as if you are not being supported. Hold the space for what is unfolding. It may be tense, but a much-needed shift is now transpiring!

Astrologers are often asked the question of how astrology works. And astrologers often scratch their heads in response and say, ‘I don’t really know, but it does.‘ I have never felt this to be a good response. There is an explanation! Give me an hour each night, June 21st and 22nd at 8pm London Time for the FREE Workshop and I will explain to you How Astrology Works. Register Here!

Vara: Mars
Tithi: Krishna Ashtami
Karana: Kaulava
Yoga: Sobhana

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