Tooling About! – Moon in Pushya 21st October, 2019

If your actions are not producing tangible results and you are taking it personally, you are missing the bigger picture! First of all, you are nervous simply because your actions are not producing the results you think they should! But, your involvement in trying to produce those results is not the deciding factor that determines the outcome. You are relating to a situation in an old way that does not suit the new path which is now unfolding. Quite simply put, you need to work with yourself on bringing attention to your fears and trying to relinquish them! Much more important at the moment is the change you desire to create and the sacrifices you are willing to make in doing so! Focus on that, do the right thing and the rest will take care of itself!

Daily Panchangam:
Vara: Moon
Tithi: Krishna Ashtami
Karana: Kaulava
Yoga: Sadhya

Within a few days, Mars enters Chitra Nakshatra as Jupiter transits Mula! A seeming state of disenchantment can lead to positive change! Find out what it means for you personally! Schedule a Consultation!





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