Mars Conjunct Venus
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The Reason – Mars Conjuncts Venus in Sravana 5th-19th March

Mars Conjuncts Venus in Sravana – At the outset, it all seemed crystal clear! You were strongly behind your goal, passionate about your cause and inspired by what you saw the potential to achieve. You felt as if you were in your power! Then slowly, the obstacles began to surface! No worries, you simply needed to take things up a notch and take a different approach! Then that shift in focus suddenly became confused by another needed shift and added frustration. You pushed harder, with your eye on the prize, or so you thought! Suddenly, you lost sight of the reason that was driving you to your goal. You began to feel you had a point to prove and that you needed to achieve your aims at all cost. But you forgot why you were striving for what you were striving for. You need to now remember!

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Mars Conjuncts Venus in Sravana

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