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The Cosmic Hexagram July 2013 – The Pain and Pleasure Principle

Pleasure and Pain of Passion
Pleasure and Pain of Passion, Honey Maya, Visual Artist

Pleasure and pain, the twin polarities induced by passion. Wherever there is desire, there is the propensity for either. The dualistic world in which we dwell is filled with contradiction, conflict, ups, downs, rights and wrongs…yes? Or is that merely an illusion? Could it be that our true state of existence is something that is far outside the reach of the mad pendulum swing of mundane experience? Is it possible to ever find and maintain equilibrium for more than a moment? That could ultimately depend upon our capacity, or lack of it as we are speaking in a dualistic sense, to see our experience of worldly consciousness as an interplay of Grand universal Forces designed to free our minds and hearts from the realm of illusion within which they are seemingly trapped.

Could the solution to the problem be to quash desire? Or, does the answer lie in quenching passion? Both paths could ultimately lead to awakening and realisation. Is it not true that sometimes we must explore an impulse in order to fully understand the reason for its arousal?

Among the prominent astrology which is prevalent in July, there is the appearance of two concurring astrological alignments which are of great significance. These aspects are known as Grand Trines. A trine is a harmonious angle of 120 degrees between two sets of planets. Occasionally, a phenomenon will occur where three sets of planets will form a trine with each other creating a triangular shape in the cosmos known as a grand trine. Even more rare is when there are two grand trines. Just such a condition will occur in July building to a climax between the 18th and 30th.

Before we go further into detail about these two astrological alignments, let us please explore the term ‘harmonious’as it relates to this rare astrological aspect. Although planets may form a harmonious alignent with each other, it does not always necessarily follow that an individual will experience the alignment in a pleasant manner. It simply means that the planets are working together in a harmonious, rather than dissonant manner to create evolution. As this is ultimately to our benefit, it brings prosperity in the truest sense of the word; that which is beneficial for the spirit or soul.

The two concurring grand trines of July will geometrically form a six pointed star in the cosmos, a symbol for the potential inflow of consciousness to humanity in direct proportion to its efforts to meet destiny halfway.

The first of these astrological alignments to reach its peak as we approach the 18th July will involve Mars and Jupiter at one point of the triangle, and Saturn and Neptune at the other respective points. Passionately active Mars and expansive Jupiter will be transiting the sign of Cancer, creating a desire for expansion with the primary impulse of security as its guiding force. Vedic Astrology provides us with further subsections of the signs which enable the seeker to gain a deeper understanding of the energy tones involved. Utilising this system, both of these planets will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Ardra, which represents intensively directed energy based upon passionate thinking. With the highest of intents, this energy can work wonders and create miracles which may not have otherwise been possible. Yet, such laser-like energy can often devolve into tunnel-vision, blinding us to solutions which might have otherwise been more prudent. In addition, this section of the zodiac is notorious for creating the lesson that it is not enough to merely want something. We must want it for all the right reasons.

Dreamy and visionary Neptune, in Pisces for the first time since between the years of 1847-1862, marks a transition for humanity and an opportunity for growth that we cannot and should not eschew. The deeper we dare to dream, the greater the possibilities. Yet similarly, a sense of humility should accompany such a deep level of idealism in order to ground it. As Neptune transits the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha, a revelation deeper in meaning and of greater import than our current scope of vision will allow us to witness shall eventually dawn. The destination may be far from the original intent. But, it is the journey itself which is of greater meaning.

Saturn, the harbinger of discipline and crystallisation, is in Scorpio; passionate in its focus. Every seemingly failed attempt may build frustration. But, as Saturn is presently occupying the Lunar Mansion of Swati, an ever increasing intensity of energy is exactly the type of creative impulse needed. Resistance creates form. And although the ultimate result may be vastly different than originally planned, it is much needed and certain to bring a refreshing change.

The second of the grand trines, which attains its zenith on 30th July involves Pluto at one point, the South Node and the Moon at the second and Venus at the third. Deeply transformative Pluto in Capricorn brings power, in both its positive and negative connotations, to our field of awareness. How much of your power do you give away to others? How much do you subsequently try to exert in order to compensate for any resultant insecurity? And how much of your own personal strength do you hide away from both yourself and others? Pluto in the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha strips away the ego, cutting to the core of conscious awareness through a deep process of self-analysis until we understand strength, its potential and purpose.

The nodes are the points on the horizon that cause eclipses. They deal with the impact of karma and its resolution. Quite often their import is ignored in the astrological community. But, they are deserving of more respect. The South Node deals with the integration of past vignettes in our life and the wisdom they have to offer. The South Node can quite often cause chaos leading ultimately to a sense of detachment. Both the South Node and the receptive and generative Moon transit the sign of Taurus at the time of exactitude of aspect. Obstinacy stalls progress, but resolute action creates real and lasting change. Both of these astrological entities will be in the Lunar Mansion of Bharani. To the extent that an outmoded existence can be relinquished, a profound jump in awareness can be made. Any challenges along the way should be understood as labour pains necessary for a new birth. FOr clues, think particularly about the time between 28th April and 10th May of this year, the last eclipse cycle.

Self-sensual Venus will be in Virgo. Self-criticism serves no end. It only results in feelings of self-victimisation. Self-analysis brings personal power and healing. As Venus will be in the Lunar Mansion of Purva Phalguni, take pleasure in the process of re-discovering an aspect of yourself that has either been long forgotten or with which you have never become acquainted. Being fortunate enough to find yourself in such a position, congratulate yourself for work well done and rewards well-deserved.

Michael Reed
Michael Reed

How often do you find yourself in the position of feeling good within your body? I don’t mean those moments when you must repeat the mantra that convinces your doubting mind of the wonders of life, but those moments when you truly feel invigorated and enthusiastic. At such a moment, be grateful for your challenges and the strength which you have necessarily mustered in order to meet them. When you conquer your demons, be grateful for the victory. For it follows that both pain and pleasure provide principle.

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