The Ascendant or Lagna in Ashwini Nakshatra
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The Ascendant or Lagna in Ashwini Nakshatra

Those with their Ascendant (Lagna) in Ashwini may have a tendency to live life in the fast lane. That need not always be a bad thing. They approach life with a spark and can always be swift in helping or assisting. They are creatures of impulse, but in the right circumstances, they are being Divinely Guided and inspired! In the first of my videos of the Ascendant and various planets in the Nakshatras, I cover the Ascendant in Ashwini!

In Astrology, there are no absolutes as you are a combination of all of the factors in your horoscope and not one isolated factor. This is why it is absolutely priceless to seek the guidance of a professional Astrologer. You can do so through my Astrological Services.

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