The Apple Cart! – Mercury in Pushya 31st July-7th August, 2020

Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

There is a limitation in place that you are not thrilled about! It’s triggering all of your sensitivities! You are trying to convince yourself that you are alright coping with it. After all, you have survived through much worse. But just surviving doesn’t really bring much joy to life and you are feeling as if you have had enough of ‘just getting by’! You are ready to soar! You want the brake to be removed! Perhaps you should do something about it, even if it causes you to get ostracised for your actions! After all, what are you getting from this other than being frustrated. As tense as you may feel, there is something you are missing. A piece of the puzzle has not yet fallen into place! Give time for it to become clearer prior to taking strong action!





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