New Mon in Uttara Bhadrapada
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Swept Along – New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada March 21st, 2023

New Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada – The situation is seemingly sweeping you along! This leaves you wondering what to do as new facets seem to be unfolding with each moment. For those stalwart in spirit though, it is as simple of a matter of adhering to what you know to be right in the midst of it all! It may seem as if there is a lot invested in the outcome. But all you can do is to apply your energy, with passion, in the direction that feels strongest in your Heart! This is a sure fire way to go from getting swept along to riding the wave!

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Vara: Mars
Tithi: New Moon Amavasya
Karana: Naaga
Yoga: Brahma

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