Sun and Shadow! – Mercury in Purva Ashadha 31st December, 2019-7th January, 2020

Beneath all of the shadows that you cast on the world around you, where is the light? Trust me, we all have our shadows. And it is just as natural for them to get cast as it is for the Sun to shine overhead and cast the shadow of a tree on the ground! The fact of the matter is, you are seeing your own shadow and that is no comfortable matter. It can cause you to lose faith. But a little doubt keeps the mind active and searching! It can also cause you to question your perfection. A little self-acceptance can help with that one! It may make your world seem a bit topsy-turvy! That’s okay also as sometimes things need to get turned on their head in order to end right-side up. Through a process of questioning, you are rediscovering a more authentic connection with yourself! This is empowering you! Remember that!





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