Summoning Enthusiasm! – Moon in Uttara Phalguni 31st August, 2019

When you’re trying to create a gourmet delight, all the right ingredients have to be there and in the proper proportion! Occasionally you can substitute, but the outcome is altered! Though you may not be cooking in actuality, you are trying to create something. The only problem is, well, you are not cooking…meaning you lack the enthusiasm! Your energy levels are waning and you need nourishment on many levels to come back to your normal state of vibrancy! If you are unhappy, confront the reasons for that unhappiness. Allow yourself to work through them to the extent of your capacity to do so! This may seem like a missed opportunity. But the missed opportunity leads to another more important one, the opportunity to deal with the source of your lack luster feelings!

Daily Panchanga
Vara: Saturn
Tithi: Shukla Dvitiya
Karana: Baalava
Yoga: Subha

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