Venus in Swati
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Soul Sustenance – Venus in Swati October 22nd-November 2nd, 2022

Venus in Swati – Is this really what you want? Is it in alignment with who you are? You can see what others have created and you want the same for yourself! But defining and striving to create success on someone else’s terms is not sustainable due to one simple reason, you are not that person! So no matter how you strive, you will somehow feel imperfect because you are making decisions in your life based upon someone that you are not! Therefore anything you create will not provide you with the soul sustenance that you need. Be true to yourself to build true success!

Eclipse Season Approaches Starting with a Solar Eclipse on October 25th and ending with the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th! Learn How to Work Best with These Energies! Schedule an Empower Hour Consultation!

Venus in Swati

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