Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

Slow and Steady! – Jupiter in Purva Ashadha 16th December-9th February, 2019

Some things take time to build, no matter how much you need for it to shift! And from a space of limited perspective, we find that hard to stomach! All sorts of complexes result ranging from thinking we are somehow not worthy, to thinking oneself stupid! You need to not be concerned with such silliness! You simply need to be honest and assess the situation from a more sober perspective! It doesn’t mean you stop trying! It doesn’t mean that you give up hope! But what it does mean is that you examine the truth of your heart and have humility! Don’t let your pride get in the way! Don’t mistake the goal with the person who is trying to reach it! You may be asked along the way to let go of an outmoded manner of looking at things. Don’t cling too tightly! Let it go, open up and be receptive! Answers will come with time! And in the process, though it may hurt to have faith and hope, please give it a try.Youtube
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