Shoulders Squared? – Mars in Jyeshtha 15th Jan-2nd Feb, 2020

It is becoming clearer to you that it is your responsibility to fix a situation! But at the same time, short-term solutions that lead to longer-term problems are not an option! If you are going to do it, you are going to do it right! But, how do you do so? You know that something a bit out of the ordinary is called for! And there are a few things blocking your progress that you are aware of the need to eliminate! So though you would like to act swiftly, it is best to take time to sort through the confusion! Remain dedicated to the task at hand! Luckily you have the strength with which to handle it! Don’t let frustration mar the moment! Instead allow inspiration, passion and enthusiasm to uplift you to a state of clarity!





This Friday brings a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Punarvasu Nakshatra! Eclipses have far-reaching effects, especially when connected with powerful astrological transits like a Saturn-Pluto Conjunction! Schedule an Astrological Consultation Today!

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