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  • Easy Astrology Society

    From: $39.00 / month

    Here’s your chance to learn Vedic Astrology without overwhelm and without pressure!

    It’s the Easy Astrology Society!

    Here are the included Courses:

    • Getting to Know the Planets Module 1 (48 Videos)
    • Getting to Know the Planets Module 2 (In Development-Classes Available)
    • Exploring the Signs (In Development-Classes Available)
    • Previous Ask Me Anything Sessions (Always Growing)
    • Previous Monthly Masterclasses (Always Growing)
    • Learn the Divisional Charts (57 Videos)
    • Learn the Lunar Mansions (27 Videos)
    • Excelling with Rahu and Ketu (50 videos)
    • Nodes through the Nakshatras(29 videos)
    • Rahu and Ketu: Navigating the Nodes through the Nakshatras (44 videos)
    • Predicting with the Planetary Periods of Vimshottari Dasa (17 Videos)
    • Jaimini Level 1 (44 Videos)
    • Rectifying Birth Time (30 Videos)
    • Medical Astrology I (15 Videos)

    Here are the perks of your Membership:

    – Stage by Stage Learning Journey with Beginner’s Courses
    – Ask Me Anything Sessions Every Two Weeks
    – Private Group in the Galactic Lounge
    – Regular Fresh Learning Material
    – Copies of Your Main Birth Chart upon Request (Other Materials Available at Small Fee)
    – Private Tutorials Every 4 Months (Annual Members Only)
    – Special Guest Speakers Monthly or A Masterclass with Me
    – Course Certification  and Learning Tracks Coming Soon

  • Sale! Success purpose and Prosperity Plan

    Success, Purpose and Prosperity Plan


    4 Consultation Package Focused on Success!

    Now Packaged with 1 Year of Free Membership in Easy Astrology Society Plus!

    Need a Payment Plan? Please Feel Free to Reach Out!

    I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to help dozens of clients, this year alone, connect with what they are here to share with the world and to actually share it!

    That is what the empowered approach to astrology is all about, helping you to get more deeply in touch with yourself and live in alignment with that!

    The career technique I use also helps you to learn how to take who you are and serve the world at large through your unique talents!

    This is the first step of the Success, Purpose and Prosperity Plan!

    Working with the tools of Vedic Astrology and more, here’s what we do in Four 1-1 Sessions:

    Step 1 Understand your talents and how to put them together in a manner that would bring you the greatest level of success and prosperity, whilst pursuing a meaningful path! A successful career is one built upon purpose and meaning!

    Step 2 Understanding your Karma around success, around achieving great things, around fulfilling your purpose! Know the patterns that hold you back so you can heal them.

    Step 3 Know your Karma around prosperity. What tendencies keep you from thriving! How do you make them serve you rather than hinder you!

    Step 4 Plan the path ahead! Know the bumps and straightaways along your path so that you can stay centered and remain aligned!

  • Empower Pack

    Empower Pack


    Need a Payment Plan? Please Feel Free to Reach Out. The Empower Pack is a great way to have a deep dive into your personal Astrology! It contains three 60 Minute Consultations meant to be scheduled in close proximity with each other for a more impactful Astrological approach. If you have a specific focus you…

  • VIP Access

    VIP Voxer Access

    $399.00 / month

    To grow and expand your dreams to the next level, you need a strong support system. You need someone who can be there for you at those crossroad moments. Someone to help to bring more purpose and passion into your life and help you to more fully be the best version of yourself as you…

  • Money Map

    Money Map


    Need a Payment Plan? Please Feel Free to Reach Out! What if there were a way to remove your money blocks through Astrology? A way to leverage certain factors in your horoscope in order to maximize abundance? And a map to plan the next couple of years from a perspective that will help you to…