Separate – Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada 18th October, 2021

Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada

Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada – You are not strongly anchored in a sense of direction, but still progress must be made! Although you are uncertain, you feel a need to assert yourself! Honest discussion, though difficult to raise, can help to sort through and clarify what needs to happen next! But you cannot apply the same passionate approach to your conversation that you are adopting to push through the confusion. Separate one from the other. Try to be okay with not being 100% sure! One step leads to another and slowly progress can be made!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Moon
Tithi: Shukla Chaturdasi
Karana: Gara
Yoga: Vyaghata

The Nakshatras in which Rahu and Ketu are placed powerfully influence our approach to our evolutionary path! It is vital for us to understand! This course teaches you how to integrate the Nodal Nakshatras for yourself as well as others!
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