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Scratch that Itch! – Venus Conjunct Mars in Ashlesha Nakshatra

Venus Conjunct Mars in Ashlesha – You were able to be patient with things for a while! But, the situation has finally reached a climax! It’s like that annoying little itch that you just cannot scratch! Or, it’s also akin to an intermittent appliance beep that won’t shut up until you give it the attention that it shouts for! And in the interim, are you getting the attention that you deserve for your needs? Are you getting the support that is necessary for altering the scenario? Is anyone there to scratch that itch for you? No! It’s all too obvious that you have to scratch your itch yourself! And so you should, it’s your back and no one else’s! So, get your own back! It’s time to accept responsibility for your own needs and turn this situation around!

Venus Conjunct Mars in Ashlesha

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