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Saturn, Uranus, Pluto – The Lisbon Treaty

authenticsignI’m severely disappointed in the Irish. For a people who seem to be so free in Spirit, it would seem like they too have traded their liberty, and indeed their very soul for the promise of material fulfilment.

It would seem that the Lisbon Treaty referendum is going to be approved after previously being voted against. It was said that another vote needed to be held because the Irish didn’t understand what the treaty was all about. If I were an Irish citizen, I would feel extremely insulted. I am partially Irish by heritage, and that ancestry within me is ticked off enough.

This is my second visit to the country in the last three years, and although very little time has lapsed since my last visit, I have seen many changes for the worse that European Union money has inflicted upon the Emerald Isle. It is the poorer countries such as Ireland and Spain that buy into the illusion of support for developing their infrastructure, and as a result, their heritage, culture and freedom are sacrificed to materialism. The almighty media monster that drives mass consumer culture becomes worshipped like some obscene deity and purity becomes sacrificed on the funeral pyre of decency. The next thing one witnesses is a people who are no longer quite as human and instead become more like a product. Sad but true. Ireland, what have your forefathers fought so valiantly for that you would sell in an instant?

What is it inside some of us that causes us to so willingly let ourselves be controlled? Is it a longing for a simpler life free of worries and concerns? Is it a secret wish that someone else could take the reins of our lives so that we do not have to think? How quickly is the idiot box (television) switched on around your house? Wake up! Your mind is no longer your own. And who is getting richer by the moment from your complacency? Where has your quality of life gone?

In my work as an astrologer, and especially so since I have been in Ireland, an enormous percentage of the people that I encounter think that astrology is, or should be about fortune telling. That only confirms to me that humanity is diseased, and sorely needs to be healed, as it shows the desire to relinquish responsibility for the course of one’s own life. With awareness comes responsibility. If true freedom is what you desire, then the only government that is needed is that of self-control and self-discipline.

Back to the Lisbon Treaty, what I have experienced since I have been here in relation to the campaigning by both sides has had a very eerie Saturn-Uranus opposition tone to it. On one end of the spectrum, there is the side that would like for its empire of control to continue so that its pockets can continue to be lined. They have sold the public on the concept that if they vote yes, there will be more jobs for a society that is being hard hit by a recession, and that they will be well protected in the European Union. Their campaign has been one of fear, trying hard to desperately play upon the worries of the masses. The other side has tried to make it clear how much freedom would be relinquished and to convince the public that it is merely the politicians who want their gravy train of expense accounts and taxpayers resources to continue to be fuelled, that are touting the “yes” vote. It seems like most people will buy anything that is fed to them as long as it allows them to continue leading a life built around a false sense of security.

Times are changing rapidly, and we are quickly approaching a Saturn-Pluto square. The time to hide from yourself is coming to a close. We are being asked to bring the power mongers to justice, become more aware and take part in a revolution of Spirit. Will you stand up and participate? Or will you continue to sit down, switch on and numb out?

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