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Saturn and Pluto – The Giants of Transformation and Obstruction

authenticsignAs an astrologer, upon reading other astrology columns, I am finding that there is very little that is being said, perplexingly enough, about the intense aspect that is applying between Saturn and Pluto.

These two planets have quite a lot of similarities. In the days before the discovery of Pluto, Saturn was the indicator of many things Plutonian, such as death in the spiritual sense, or transformation. There are however many differences between the two which are less than subtle.

In my opinion, Pluto is a stronger representative of change. This is why, as a Vedic astrologer, I believe in including this planet in my work. Saturn is crystallisation, Pluto is realisation brought about through the forceful recognition of there being no other alternative but to integrate a difficult lesson. To sum it up, I would describe Saturn as more passive than Pluto.

As mentioned before, Saturn and Pluto are forming a tense angle with each other, following on the heels of a Saturn-Uranus opposition. On the global level, with Pluto’s transit of the sign of Capricorn, there has been a challenge to the power structure that has been allowed to exert its authority over the masses for far too long, ie governments, banks and corporations.

Saturn is presently transiting the final degrees of the sign of Virgo, and will soon enter the sign of justice and balance, Libra. This sign is where Saturn functions at its utmost. As Capricorn is associated, on one level, with authority and power, then where there is an abuse of such concepts , this is the type of aspect that can begin to set things right.

Pluto is transiting, for the entire length of this aspect, the lunar mansion of Mula. Mula teaches lessons through hardship. Its energy is very similar, and therefore very conducive, to that of Pluto.

Saturn, during this transit, will be transiting the lunar mansions of Uttara Phalguni and Hasta. Uttara Phalguni brings success through the combining of two or more energies, and Hasta brings crystallisation and manifestation.

Where does there exist true democracy in the world? I have not witnessed it. People are too willing to be controlled and give their power away. Hopefully, we have all learned from recent lessons that trust is not something to be afforded to those who would abuse it. Allowing politicians and banks to run our lives for us is like allowing a child to be in charge of a candy store.

With this approaching transit, on the global level, there is profound opportunity for a shift in the balance of power. Although there is potential, it reaps its benefits to the level that those aware enough to harness it are willing to avail themselves of the fruits that are offered.

Where there is strong desire to take power back from those who would abuse, the moment is ripe to work together to create a world that is more just and righteous.

Awareness is required. And, with awareness comes responsibility. The primary responsibilty? To one’s own strength. If we are weak and complacent, we will continue to be lied to and controlled. But if we are willing to be active in creating change, now is the time to make it manifest. Self-control and self-government are the necessary virtues of the day. It is time to no longer give our power away. Time to take it back.

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