Full Moon in Purva Ashadha
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Remember Why! – Full Moon in Purva Ashadha 24th June, 2021

Full Moon in Purva Ashadha – Remember why!… You feel you have been stuck in a situation that could have easily been ended long ago if only someone had seen things your way!… Remember why!…You are tired of pretending and placing yourself in the position of holding back for the sake of someone else!… Remember why!… You know that if things continue in the way they have, it will not be good for either of you… Remember why!… So is it really wise to hold back and to not say what you feel is necessary to say? After all, it would make clear your stance and put an end to things once and for all! And goodness knows the energy of you both has been wasted by pulling in opposite directions! But,…Remember why you are here in the first place and remember your desire to see each other through!…Remember why!

Daily Panchangam
Vara: Jupiter
Tithi: Full Moon Purnima
Karana: Bava
Yoga: Brahma

Hello again all of you. This Full Moon happens in the 1st Pada of Purva Ashadha. I use a different ayanamsa than many astrologers. Many of the videos you will see online will say that the Full Moon is in Mula as most astrologers use Lahiri ayanamsa, which would place the Full Moon in the 4th pada of Mula. Here is further information on the calculations I use for those who are interested. The approach that I use is very scientific. I only switched to them after rigorously testing on dozens of horoscopes for accuracy and even switched back and forth a few times for certainty. The results were the same every time. Here is the reasoning and I hope it helps to satisfy your curiosity.

Many people judge the coordinates of the fixed stars related to the Nakshatras in relevance to where they appear to intersect the ecliptic, or more simply put the path of the Sun as it journeys from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice and back again. This path moves roughly North-South. But as the Earth rotates on its axis, though the stars (Nakshatras) may appear to rise and fall in a manner that gives the perspective of their movement to be North-South, in actuality they are moving in relevance to the rotation of the Earth on its axis, in a manner that is separate from the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, and in a manner that is actually more aligned with East-West. In my opinion and with the theory that I am working with upon which the calculations I use are founded, trying to judge the coordinates of a particular star in relevance to the ecliptic will not provide as accurate a representation as doing so from as close an approximation of the actual location of that fixed star as possible. So, I use a calculation that judges Nakshatra position in relevance to Dhruva (the pole star) and the equator using the coordinates given in Surya Siddhanta as a reference point. This creates a right angle from the Earth’s poles to the equator and the fixed star longitudes are judged accordingly. And as the stars move East-West rather than North-South, I believe this will provide a more accurate representation of the actual position of the Nakshatras. I have found this to be both more scientific in theory and more accurate in interpretation using the Vedic Astrology techniques that I utilise as laid out in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras and many other classical texts. This is not to say that others may not be able to give accurate predictions using other systems, but instead to say that I have found this system to work best for the techniques that I utilise.


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