Mercury Retrograde in Uttara Phalguni
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Reinventing the Wheel – Mercury Retrograde in Uttara Phalguni September 21st-October 2nd

Mercury Retrograde in Uttara Phalguni – Eureka moments don’t always feel so pleasant, but the transformation they bring ultimately leads to a more liberated lifestyle. You seem to be stuck in achieving a breakthrough with a specific scenario, but you have to keep trying. It is okay in such instances to rely more heavily upon your intuition than your skills. The deeper you seek the detailed answer that will allow you to have the breakthrough you desire, the more elusive it becomes. But you mustn’t allow that to sap your self-confidence and self-trust. You may, however, need to stop seeking quite so heavily. Avoid the temptation to reinvent the wheel. Entertain an option which reveals itself to you. Even if it does seem far-fetched or not quite what you were looking for, it is indeed worth exploring!

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Mercury Retrograde in Uttara Phalguni

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