Rahu Conjuncts Venus in Rohini
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Reach for the Stars! – Rahu Conjuncts Venus in Rohini

Rahu Conjuncts Venus in Rohini You’ve got a plan and a mission! Add a positive and expansive attitude to the mix, and this is the stuff that dreams are made of! Only thing is, along the way you seem to be hitting a few hitches! These are causing you to assess your ideas in a less than prosperous light. You doubt your capacity to actualise the plan you have to its fullest capacity! Don’t doubt yourself! But equally, don’t become so deeply attached to the details of your idea that you become unwilling to make a few minor alterations. But notice I said minor! Don’t distort the essence of your dream due to a few obstacles. Even if you aim for the stars and only reach the Moon, having confidence in your skills will be what has gotten you there!

Rahu Conjuncts Venus in Rohini

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