Rahu, Pluto and Jupiter
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Rahu, Pluto and Jupiter – Dissonance and Disbelief

Rahu, Pluto and Jupiter – Sometimes in establishing a greater level of stability in your life, you have to question what has come before! It would be foolish to think that what got you here is what will carry you forward! But looking for a new way implies confronting instability in order to get to a place of greater security. There is an opportunity now to heal an old wound. The process itself though is a bit challenging. Something that you shared in common with others has been recently become a point of turmoil between you due to a shift in ideals. It has become a matter of back and forth, and forth and back, between disagreement and agreement. You may want to find a quick solution, but a lasting one is better. In the midst of questioning, hold on to those few things about which you have no doubt. They are your cornerstone moving forward!

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